Me and T Scotland Event 28th September 2pm till 4pm

Hi all!

We’ll be hosting a workshop at the Me and T Scotland Event on the 28th of September 2014 at 2pm-4pm at the LGBT Center for Health and Wellbeing! We’ll be doing the workshop that we had planned for the transmasculine gathering event and the Pussy Whipped festival. So if you’re attending both groups it’d be excellent to see you there!

- Gemma

Next meetings 29th of June 27th of July 31st of August All at 6-9pm

Hi all!

We’ve got our next 3 months worth of meetings sorted. The next being the 29th of June. We’ve also got a potential table to show off our group at Pride Scotia in Edinburgh on the 21st of June! Come see us there.

These are all at the usual meeting place of 40 Commercial Street, Edinburgh at the LGBT YS.

29th of June
27th of July
31st of August
All at 6-9pm


16 beautiful portraits of humans who happen to be trans

Photographer Amos Mac says of his set of 16 portraits:

“…Some people have a gender identity that stays put. Some identities shift once and gradually settle in. Others have a fluid experience with their gender that perhaps falls somewhere on the trans spectrum. Personal identifications are complicated and can be easily misunderstood. Instead of simply showcasing my own photographs, I reached out to 16 people I’ve photographed and asked them to tell me in their own words how they identify at this very moment. The diversity of the models’ identities speak volumes…”

View the photographs